New Construction Program

We go into a lot of new homes to add the finishing touches to the homes you build.  The number one complaint we hear from new homeowners is that the paint job by the builder (that’s you!) is not good.  These homeowners bought a million dollar home and feel as if they got a $39.95 paint job.

This program provides your clients with high end professional painting services.  We provide, as part of this program:


· Color design consultation for the homeowner and/or the interior designer

· Extreme room preparation

· High quality paint (low/no voc paint available)

· Painting performed by our painters trained in the Painter Sisters methods

· Extreme cleanup

· Walkthrough with the client and/or designer

· Thank you package containing touch up paint and brushes

· Write up of the techniques and colors used


This service can be offered as a premium upgrade or as part of your standard service offering. 

The Painter Sisters can provide the kind of finish your customers expect.  We work with the top professional painters in the region that we train to produce results to Painter Sister standards.  We manage the process from start to finish!

Call us about our New Construction Program that provides your clients with exceptional service and results.  That will mean more sales for you because satisfied customers tell their friends.


Spec Home Program

You built a home and would really like it to sell.  These days that can be a little tough.  Your home needs every advantage to set it apart to highlight its design features and architectural elements.  We have worked, very successfully, with local home builders in areas like Castle Pines and Monument to add our special finishing touches to homes that set them apart.  You set the amount of money you want to spend and we use our expertise to maximize the ‘bang for the buck”.  Our builders have been very pleased with the results and it sells their homes fasterCall us about our affordable Spec Home Program for details.